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My Humble Sissy - Joan , Felix - Morning treat for a slutty sissy - Crossdressing gays
Felix was still in his pajamas when dolled-up sissy Joan tried to attract his attention. The sissy kinkster badly wanted his boyfriend’s ramrod into his rectum, but first he had to take it down his throat. The girlified guy did his job well and soon his bright pink pantyhose were pushed down for the rough anal treatment he longed for. Joan took it sideways, from behind and in a reverse cowgirl until Felix exploded with white sticky jizz.

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My Humble Sissy - Melissa , Felix - Vamp sissy seduces a shy lad - Crossdressing gays
Melissa really startles cute boy Felix with her girlish looks. Clad in a red dress with black nylons this sissy can make for a mistress, yet today he’s willing to serve instead of ordering about. Look at blonde Melissa as she humbly sucks on the guy’s cock and balls before hiking up her skirt and showing where she wants this stiffy to go. Well, our dolled-up sissy doesn’t have to ask twice as the boy shoves his tool where the sun doesn’t shine.

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My Humble Sissy - Hilary , Clive - Dressed and treated like a whore - Crossdressing gays
Hilary puts on her fav blonde wig, thong and suspender tights to go with her dark blue dress. This sissy feels very sexy in his women’s wear while his boyfriend isn’t quite happy with Hilary’s looks. Clive thinks his lover looks vulgar and indecent, so he deserves to be treated like a whore. See the sissy guy getting his skirt hiked up for some rough spanking before he finally gets access to Clive’s cock and balls and opens up his butt-pussy!

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My Humble Sissy - Dena , Patrick - Cute sissy in hair-curlers fucked silly - Crossdressing gays
On seeing this sissy wearing hair-curlers and a nightie along with full make-up, you won’t tell him from a regular girl. This impression will be even stronger when Dena reveals her lush lacy corset with matching black stockings while getting dirty with a dildo toy. However, Patrick isn’t that easily fooled. So the guy forces his sissified lover into a profound ass-to-mouth workout with the dildo before replacing it with his sturdy shaft.

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My Humble Sissy - Monica , Patrick - X-rated remake of Some like it hot - Crossdressing gays
Dressed like Daphne from the popular movie “Some like it hot”, Monica managed even to give head while holding a red rose. Then the crossdressed dude jumped right onto his buddy’s cock hiking up his bright red dress and sliding his black thong aside. If you really like it hot, you should watch this slutty sissy obediently going down and licking clean the cock that was in his ass only seconds ago.

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My Humble Sissy - Melissa , Felix - Sissy in red hooks up with a boy - Crossdressing gays
Melissa went on the prowl wearing her smashing red blouse with matching long gloves and tights. This sultry sissy slut planned to get her some fresh meat and she finally found it. No matter how shocked Felix was at the beginning, a wet slurp job made the boy hungry and willing for more. See him pushing his fingers and cock into the sissy’s eager rear and cumming into the open mouth wildly enjoying every second of it!

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My Humble Sissy - Anna , Richmond - Preliminary dildo session - Crossdressing gays
Anna would let Richmond wipe his boots on her provided she got her share of fun. Watch the sissy’s mouth stuffed with a sizeable dildo as his young boyfriend checks his swallowing abilities. Then the boy decides that Anna’s bottom needs some good workout too, so he slides the sissy’s lacy panties aside and drives that toy right in. Now Richmond can entrust his dick to Anna’s care too and the sissy will take any humiliation for the meaty treat.